280ppm c02 Level Pre-Industrial: 280ppm 350ppm c02 Level Safe: 350ppm 413ppm c02 Level Current: 410ppm


We’ve been programmed to adopt a fantastical economic system. Blindly accepting decisions by so-called food and consumer products companies. The result is a complete disregard and disconnection of the impact it has on our ecosystem. A Global systemic transformation has begun, focused on alternatives to supermarket chains also known as Alternative Routes to Market's [ARM's]. Community shops, farmers markets and CSI's. Participation increases accessibility for these direct routes to local food sources. Thus reducing reliance on food packaging, consumables and processed foods. By building this A.R.M. Transport Kit, we open this crucial dialogue.

[Alternative Routes to Market]
Transport Kit

ECONYL® Sling Bag
Recycle Standard 4.0 Ripstop Nylon Dry-Goods Transport Sack, 9L [x1] 18L [x2]
100% Hemp Basketweave Market Tote-Pack
BPA Free Dual Spout Transport Liquids Receptacle 1.5L [x3]
12 x Branded Water-Soluble Liquids Labels

Suggested Usage: For the collection and transportation of A.R.M. food items and liquids.

Late February 2020

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$195 USD