280ppm c02 Level Pre-Industrial: 280ppm 350ppm c02 Level Safe: 350ppm 410ppm c02 Level Current: 414ppm

AN000.2 Mycelium Substrate 'Final Hour' Clock

A clock face that is grown*, not manufactured. One which produces oxygen during its life cycle. Simultaneously binding CO2, minimising emissions and creating the
possibility of a ‘negative’ carbon footprint product.

It’s important to note that the ever-expanding [and venal] media ecology, render
perturbation in the reality field via second-hand news. We’re sustained on sanitised images of violence rather than truth. Under the weight of the ecological malfeasance, large numbers endeavour to craft more gilded and verified lives through the acquisition of natural goods and services, holistic health, and the refined loosening of the self. This represents the ‘vertical tension’, the existential tug that compels humans to transform themselves after decades of self-abnegation.

To illustrate the possibilities and by the agency of freak bricoleurs, we propose a new thought system during our ‘Final Hour’.

*Mycelium is the subterranean system of roots that make up the main body of a fungus. It interacts with connected plants to the mutual benefit of both.
This engineered material is bonded with stalks of hemp to create a workable and fully compostable substance.

Mycelium Substrate 'Final Hour' Clock

Mycelium and hemp bonded wall clock
Cradle2Cradle Gold Certification compostable base
Clock Movement Included
Assembled by hand in the U.K.
4 X AA rechargeable batteries and charger included
Hand-numbered using natural and organic VOC free non-toxic paint
Due to the nature of the material, each clock face will vary in colour

Measurements: H 30cm X W 30cm

Early May 2020

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