280ppm c02 Level Pre-Industrial: 280ppm 350ppm c02 Level Safe: 350ppm 410ppm c02 Level Current: 414ppm


The final hour is a stifling ontology: to avert the catastrophes we face, we need to control growth and our own anthropocentric tendencies. Consume responsibly. Cook and eat local food. Reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, embrace low impact means of travel. Engage in a more austere approach to personal finances. Hijack and reduce our captivation with haptic technology. Use social media in a riot-like manner, interrupt and disconnect, regain authorship . Hold truth, science and education as the guiding principles of society.

It has become essential to programmatically auto-differentiate the voracious consumers we have become in order to restore the inimical effect we’re having on future coexistence.

Ancillary produces constructive info-products in a time of collapse.

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